Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ad nonsense

Because four people follow this blog, and when I say follow, I mean four people came here once, felt sorry for me, and started following this blog, I decided I could make A LOT of money signing up for Google Adsense. I was approved for Google Adsense today (the announcement email from Google included a distinctly non-professional exclamation point after their "Congratulations!").

Curious to see what my meager postings to date would elicit as far as ads from the Adsense program, I logged on. Note that to date I have written about birds going to hell, humans being stupid, crusty old aprons, existential dread, old mattresses, living in nowwheresville, death, and larvae; and here is the first ad copy it picked to run: "Twitter Moms is where Smart Moms Connect." Guess it gave priority to the label: crusty old apron?

This doesn't say a lot for motherhood.


  1. I have 13 followers to show for my 389 posts (I don't know if that includes drafts or not, though). I would trade them all (followers, not posts) if I could be half as funny as you.

  2. I would trade my soul to BE you, so, does this make us even? ;-) I adore your blog, and talk about it to anyone who will listen, but, since I talk a lot, I can't be sure if anyone is listening anymore. I think that's why my friends told me to start a blog, so I would (a) stop talking so much and (b) stop sending them really long emails wherein i rant, use annoying words like wherein, and separate out thoughts with (a)'s and (b)'s.